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Creatbot Tech 3D Printing Pen


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Creatbot Tech 3D Printing Pen

Let this 3D pen be the instrument of your thoughts. If you see of think something, you can draw it with this pen!


Key Features:


-Works with ABS or PLA 1.75 mm filament.

-Draw your creation in the air and the pen will follow along connecting the dots.

-Pen is similar to the 3d printer axcept you have more control.

-This pen is small and eady to hold and manover for a chold or adult.

-The filament will ment and cool rapidly, solidifying your object making smooth all the way around.

3d printing pen


This pen is not only for designers, architectual designers, or stylists, but anybody who has an interest in having fun drawing 3d objects. The power bank not included.

Product lead Time: 4 Business days.
Ships from China FREE SHIPPING!

Product features include:

-Can be used outdoors.
-An import hole for consumable items.
-Work indicator.
-Material selection/high temperature
-Liquid Crystal Display (LCD).
-Wire withdrawal button.
-Wire feed button.
-Material selection/thermostat +
-Speed selection switch.
-Heating nozzle.
-DC power input hole.





    • Discharging method: Hot melt extrusion molding.
    • Molding method: 3D molding.
    • Drawing Range: Indefinite.
    • Thickness: Manually control.
    • Consumables: ABS, PLA.
    • Consumables Diameter: Diameter of 1.75 mm.
    • Spinning Speed: Adjustable.
    • Nozzle diameter: 0.7mm.
    • Theoretical spinning capacity: 0.076~0.86 m3/min, adjustable.
    • Theoretical temperature of consumables: ABS 230℃ PLA170℃.
    • Electrical parameter of power adapter: 100/250V 3A.
    • Rated electrical parameters of equipment: DC 5V 2A 24W.
    • Parameters of equipment power input hole: Diameter of 5.5mm*2.5mm.
    • Equipment external dimension: 184mm*31mm*46mm (L*W*H).
    • Net weight: 0.065KG.
    • Color box: 22*14.5*5cm.









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