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Createbot Super MINI 3D Printer


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Check out our Createbot Super mini. This 3d printer is designed for kids/children with a max size of 188*187*230mm with one extruder. This printer comes with an easy-to-use LCD monitor/touchscreen interface simple controls for kids. A parent should always be present during prints and need to help the child when it comes to preheating the extruder, and wiping away the none used filament. The PLA filament is non-toxic and safe for the environment. This printer can be by all means be used by an adult just be mindful of the built size limitations.

Special Price Createbot Super Mini 3D Printer designed for Kids and Children.

Advantages of Createbot Super Mini 3D Printer:

-The World First one Tiny 3D Printer, made of firm mental.

- Small size 3KG, portable, easy to handle at hands.

- Easy print setup, no need to adjust print bed.

- Great design qualities, the printer is a toy and can print toys for Kids.

- Great product with kid/adult low price.

- Available in multiple colors.


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