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The UP BOX+ features Tiertime's latest innovations based on our understanding of 3D printing industry. Together with the newly launched UP Studio Software, UP BOX+ is offering new functionality which is unique in 3D printing market.

Major upgrades includes:

  • Connectivity Enhancement

    UP BOX+ comes with WIFI support. User can use the iOS-based Mac, iPhone, or iPad to control and print your favorite models. No need any laptop anymore. 

    • Better Filament Support

      We've opened the support for 3rd party's filament. User can use our latest UP Studio Software to define a profile of filament with nozzle temperature and build plate temperature, so that fine tuning for any filament is possible. UP BOX+ also adopted bigger filament reel up to 1KG.

      • Nightmare Curing Features:
        Power Outage Nightmare:

          Power outage happens, and power cable could get knocked loose quite easily. Beautiful prints could be ruined, and filament gets wasted. With UP BOX+, it will not happen again. Once the power is back on, UP BOX+ will ask user if s/he wants to resume the stopped print job, and finish it seamlessly.

          Filament Run-out Nightmare:

          The worst nightmare for a big print job overnight, is to find the filament runs out before the print job finishes. With the UP BOX+ upgrade, the print job will pause if filament is out. After the filament is reloaded, the print job can be resumed.

          Other great features that UP BOX+ inherits from UP BOX include:

          1. Big build volume: 255x205x205mm, or 10x8x8in
          2. HEPA Filter: Reduce the fume generated during the printing process.
          3. Auto Leveling: Users are free from the hassle of platform leveling and nozzle height detection.






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